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Burning flame by LunarDawn-Art Burning flame :iconlunardawn-art:LunarDawn-Art 32 6 Greyscale: Pup by LunarDawn-Art Greyscale: Pup :iconlunardawn-art:LunarDawn-Art 7 3 Greyscale: Mo'Uldli by LunarDawn-Art Greyscale: Mo'Uldli :iconlunardawn-art:LunarDawn-Art 6 0 Mo'Uldli by LunarDawn-Art Mo'Uldli :iconlunardawn-art:LunarDawn-Art 10 2 Greymur by LunarDawn-Art Greymur :iconlunardawn-art:LunarDawn-Art 6 3 Greyscale: Senara Thal'aran by LunarDawn-Art Greyscale: Senara Thal'aran :iconlunardawn-art:LunarDawn-Art 7 4 Greyscale: Night Elf Cain by LunarDawn-Art Greyscale: Night Elf Cain :iconlunardawn-art:LunarDawn-Art 6 0 Greyscale concept: A warm night by LunarDawn-Art Greyscale concept: A warm night :iconlunardawn-art:LunarDawn-Art 10 5 2016 Summary of Art by LunarDawn-Art 2016 Summary of Art :iconlunardawn-art:LunarDawn-Art 9 0 Here to protect by LunarDawn-Art Here to protect :iconlunardawn-art:LunarDawn-Art 16 5 Elf of the night by LunarDawn-Art Elf of the night :iconlunardawn-art:LunarDawn-Art 23 6 Greyscale: Here to protect by LunarDawn-Art Greyscale: Here to protect :iconlunardawn-art:LunarDawn-Art 8 4 Greyscale: Diana by LunarDawn-Art Greyscale: Diana :iconlunardawn-art:LunarDawn-Art 11 7 As long as we have one another... by LunarDawn-Art As long as we have one another... :iconlunardawn-art:LunarDawn-Art 30 9 Commission: Diana by LunarDawn-Art Commission: Diana :iconlunardawn-art:LunarDawn-Art 10 3 A light of hope by LunarDawn-Art A light of hope :iconlunardawn-art:LunarDawn-Art 60 12




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Burning flame
After a day filled with working on commisions, I had to reward myself with something I've been craving to draw for a long time -
something of which could pose as a redraw for my first two lineart-less drawings;……

And I just might have been craving to draw my fel-wielding lady Naly'thvie Silverdawn again for ages too~

So have this 2h work of a sketch or doodle, while I sneak away to get some well-earned sleep ~~
Greyscale: Pup
Weeeeelll... haven't dropped by since early april, ey? ^^''

To be completely honest, my mental state haven't been the best, and I just haven't managed to draw as much as I wanted to - nor did I ever reach a stage on any illustration where I felt that "yea, it's good to post this."
- Heck, I would have even rather wanted to upload this one once I had actually done the proper values and some rendering, but I figured I'd drop this here in the end anyway~

With that out of the way! Lookie, gotcha some more Cain!~
To be completely honest, this is not just a personal piece in the sense of me drawing my oc; this is a personal piece that really digs down deep in my heart with alot of emotion that's very treasured to me.
And with that, the real story behind this will certainly be revealed soon enough. Let me just give ya the hint for now - This is the wolf of whose pelt Cain always wears around his shoulders, or carries with him in general; always clinging to it every time he drifts off to sleep, desperately seeking the comfort from his companion which he recieved while she was still in life. To him, she was someone he could not leave behind no matter what.
Greyscale: Mo'Uldli
Of course, there's a greyscale version too *^*/
- By the way, this is actually the first troll I have ever drawn. So I gotta admit I'm quite more than just a bit proud over it ~

Colored version can be found here:
Mo'Uldli by LunarDawn-Art
Another doodle for practice~
This guy's a very lovely troll going by Mo'Uldli. I had alot of fun doing something this colorful tbh, as I usually prefer darker and natural colors.

On a side note, I'm so incredibly busy these days. I'm so sorry for vanishing to much, but I try to return at least once every week/end ~
Haven't actually posted something over the last two weekends, so I'll sneak this in on a monday, though I meant to share something last weekend ~

This! Is a doodle of a lovely grump named Greymur, of whom I loaned a bit for this practice doodle~
Greyscale: Senara Thal'aran
Now, to what I really meant to submit today~
The greyscale of a current commision, of which I'm honestly really really enjoying working on~
Greyscale: Night Elf Cain
Since I haven't actually uploaded this one yet, and I actually felt like it~ here you guys go c:

Finished piece can be found here:
Elf of the night by LunarDawn-Art
Greyscale concept: A warm night
Geh, been meanig to upload this for a few days - but internet just wouldn't be on my side.

A-ny-how~~ Just a doodle I started back in early winter, and tuned up a bit during some time over. I honestly don't think I'll ever properly finish this, therefore the doodle is so detailed *nods*
And these dorks? Believe it or not, but it's Yun and Ankoku. Yup. Just, a moden au version of the two dorks, being all gay and precious c':
2016 Summary of Art
Man, this is so incredibly overdue... (almost two months overdue, even >->)
But honestly, I have had alot of issues with my art during 2016. Individually, of course I love every single piece that I put effort and emotion into; there's no way I wouldn't!
But looking at things generally, it was really awful. I did improve in many ways, but for such a long time I felt so lost. And worst of all, I felt that the life in my drawings was non-existent during most of the year.

Yet, hopefully without jinxing myself, I can proudly say that the life is slowly returning, and I'm feeling more happy whenever I see my art nowadays.
I'm honestly expecting alot of setbacks during 2017 as well, but I'm also looking at it very brightly.
And thank you all for yet another year! 

  2016 Summary of Art BLANK by DustBunnyThumper
Here to protect
"We're here to protect, not harm!"
He didn't even understand what was going on, as he called out his words.
This wasn't the doubt he had seen in people's eyes in the past,
but something entirely different on its own.
"If you think we're here to bring slaughter upon you, you're nothing but mistaken!
Can't you see your wrongdoing? For aren't we all to be the same? To be united?
As long as you take up our faith and trust us, we can all "
The trigger went off.
And so within mere moments, the cleansing of the heretics had begun.

The marines wouldn't only push them back for standing their ground, but ridden them all for their foolishness.
The civilians earned it by opposing the governvent, and the chosen. That's what they would forever claim, anyhow.
But I... all I wanted was for us to unite. If our hearts would connect, and we all could stand together, none of this would have had to happen.
That's what I had always believed, until that time. 
Those civilians had done nothing wrong. One had been too eager on the trigger, as our presence had caused them a threat. I can't blame them. I don't want to blame a single one of them. But we were the chosen. Us dying had always been unthinkable in the first place. It was for the sake of protecting us that the marines marched forwards, and the bloodshed would proceed. So the soil dyed itself red beneath our feet, as slowly one would fall after the other. And amongst them, a very young boy. I couldn't help but to think about him, the son I was told to soon recieve. That innocent little boy who is soon to see the light of day... and about this corpse in front of my very eyes, who would never again see tomorrow.

It was lastly at that time, that the questions and doubts I had buried deep withing my soul would finally reveal themselves to me. And no longer, would my eyes ever see the same truth; For all that I had ever known, was unalterably changed, forever.


Finally, I get to introduce the man of the bear's blood, Elijah Krauss himself. And a small story-cutout from the sum-up of his story which I wrote the first draft of a while ago. Eventually I will rewrite it properly and post it, but that will come when it comes~


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